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Ushtum Ushtum Ushtum getarnt Position 1 - 1.5N, 31.8W

Typ Seltene Signatur
Stufe 45
Moral 3396
Kraft 561
Gattung Orksippe
Art Bilwiss
Region West-Malenhad
Koordinaten Position 1 - 1.5N, 31.8W
Hinweis 3 Spawns found for this guy.
1. Static - listed
2. Static - 2N, 34.4W - Ushtum will be stealthed if he spawns here, PHers will be visible.
3. Roamer - 0.4N, 34.1W - Paths all the way south to the south wall near the Hunter Camp before roaming all the way back.

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