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Schnaperschlund Schnaperschlund

Typ Elite
Stufe 48
Moral 9081
Kraft 1215
Gattung Drachensippe
Art Wurm
Region Ravine in Gorothlad
Koordinaten Position 1 - 3.5N, 22.4W
Hinweis There are 3 possible spawns these are: Ravine in Gorothlad, around the L (2.8N 22.8W) - pops above the circular depression SE of the main ravine in Gorothlad, heads west uphill a short distance, reverses east downhill, then finally reverses again in to the ravine. Second spawns at 3.5N, 22.0W and walks up the hill heading towards the ravine where the first spawn roams. The third is a static spawn in the valley at 3.0N, 22.2W. The PH is a Fire Worm and the respawn is 6 mins and will be random between any of these 3 points.

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