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Muldensänger Muldensänger Muldensänger

Typ Signatur
Stufe 48
Moral 4036
Kraft 608
Art Neekerbeeker
Region West-Malenhad
Koordinaten 1.4S, 31.5W
Hinweis This mob has 3 known spawns.
Static spawn at 0.1N, 31.1W and a roaming which spawns at 0.0S, 30.9W and a 2nd roamer that spawns at the ;loc listed.
All are a little above the first „a“ in „Malenhad“ on the map, between the two pools, the southern one has a flag in it.
The roaming mob (listed in ;loc column) paths west around the north pool, past the small crater like hill then turns west and travels towards the goblins to the north. He then turns and walks back to the center of the crater, where he turns and walks around the small pool to the west before heading west along the road. Then after a short walk he turns south into the large pool with the turtles and circles around the east side of the center hill to the southern side before walking south out of the pool. Once out he follow the edge opf the pool west and north and paths back to the spawn point.

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