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Dugald Sturmfaust

Dugald Sturmfaust Dugald Sturmfaust Position 2 - 11.8N, 28.9W

Typ Elite
Stufe 50
Moral 10080
Kraft 1279
Gattung Mensch
Art Angmarim
Region Angmar
Koordinaten Position 1 - 8.8N 26.2W
Position 2 - 11.8N, 28.9W
Hinweis Summons Spiders during fight. 2 PHers: Signature Iron-Crowns.
1. Static @ listed ;loc - (Has a wide local roaming area though)
2. Roamer - 8.8N, 26.0W - Paths in a 'Y' formation. Starts south along the road down to Imlad where it'll turn back north. Travels north beyond the road to a fork where it'll go NW to 9.9N, 27.0W. It will then head back SE and then NE up the other fork until it gets to 9.6N, 25.8W. It then returns to its spawn point.

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