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Colnor Colnor

Typ Elite-Meister
Stufe 51
Moral 23105
Kraft 2730
Gattung Drachensippe
Art Drache
Region Nan Gurth
Koordinaten 8.0S 24.0W
Hinweis This mob has 3 PH's: All three place holders can be any type of mobs that normaly spawn in the area, hillmen, angmarins, spiders, cave claws, wargs, krahjarns. I don't remember seeing dwarves or orcs however. Place holders include mobs in stealth (spiders and krahjarns at least), which makes it difficult to track at times.
1: Roaming PH spawns at the first banner on the right side of the road leading to Minas Caul. Takes the road west, up the curve, takes a turn left, heads back to his spawn from the other side of the rocks overlooking the road.
2: Static PH spawns nearby, in the area south of the road from the banners beyond the mobs guarding nodes, can be hard to spot as other mobs of random types spawn there also (as opposed to the mobs guarding nodes). Takes longer strolls as regular static mobs, which is about the only way to spot that PH (also means he can be found a little further from his spawn point than you might expect).
3: Roamer spawns at the farthest end of the miniature canyon west of that and loops in an oval on the hills between the road to Minas Caul and that to Minas Agar. His place holders that I have seen are: Gashan (52EM Toll - See below), Hillmen Death-Wind, Blade-Sworn (50 Signature) ,Foul Blade-Beak (50 Normal, wanders same path as Colnor) or Rift-Crawler Creeper (50S, wanders backwards from spawn to other spawn: 8.0N, 24.0W)

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