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Akhan Funkelauge

Akhan Funkelauge Akhan Funkelauge Position - 4.1S, 30.6W

Typ Elite
Stufe 47
Moral 8609
Kraft 1184
Gattung Mensch
Art Angmarim
Region Bail Boglakh
Koordinaten 4.1S, 30.6W
Hinweis 2 Ph's, both PHs are Necromancers.
1. Spawns at 4.7N, 29.8W.- Static - Up the stairs from the Keeper of Books, by the 2 necros with the open graves that spawn fell spirits.
2. Spawns at 4.7N, 29.8W - Roamer - This spawn is near the Spirit Master, goes north up the stairs then follows the path east all the way to the Necromancer+Messenger spawn then back.

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