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Typ Elite
Stufe 50
Moral 10080
Kraft 1279
Art Spider
Region Spider Den, North East of Himbar in East Angmar
Koordinaten 11.7S 26.4W
Hinweis This mob has 3 PHers - All are LURKERS (invisible spiders),
1. - Static - as listed ;loc (outside) - Lurker behind Iron-Crown tent,
2. Spawns @ 12.4N, 26.0W (inside) - Roamer - Spawns on the small ramp just west of the static Egg-Tender and very near the static Lurker at the bottom of the ramp. Paths west following the route the pathing Egg-Tender takes.
3. Spawns @ 12.3N, 26.7W (inside) - Roamer - Spawns exactly where the pathing Egg-Tender spawns and walks the same path as him.

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