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Typ Signatur
Stufe 33
Art Neeker-breeker
Region The Sand-mounds
Koordinaten 17.6S, 6.5W
Hinweis The area is The Sand-mounds and it has two types of neeker-breeker: the huge sand-norbog summons allies during a fight, the burrowing sand-norbog doesn't. Rattleclaw doesn't, so I guess that the PH(s) are the burrowing type, rather than the huge type. Rattleclaw himself paths from the co-ord I've given (which is pretty much directly on the map flag for The Sand-mounds) to the North. I'm not sure if that co-ord is his spawn point, though I suspect so as he stops there.
Es gibt 1 Platzhalter für diesen Gegner.
1. Einen „Wanderer“ Grabender Sand-Norbog (17.9S, 62.5W)